Sermon's That Work

Sermons That Work 


The Episcopal Church website is a source for many resources to help with your individual study and meditation.  One resource available is the Sermons That Works site.  As Episcopalians we have become acustomed to hearing many different points of view, and this site offers a variety of sermons that can help meet your spiritual needs.   As the site says; "Although there is no “typical” or one-size-fits-all sermon for Episcopal congregations, the sermons in this series are selected for their universal qualities so that they may be useful to a wide variety of small congregations without full-time priests on staff, where lay leaders often shoulder the responsibility of delivering the sermons on Sunday."  Believe me when I say this site is a Godsend!  Click on the link above to be taken to a spirit-filled world where you can think and meditate on God's word as expressed by some of the most intellectual people to have graced this earth.